Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Twenty Five million dollars ($25M) is usually allotted annually for Amerindian Heritage Celebrations that aims to affirm and preserve Amerindian customs, language and traditions by showcasing the works, literature, and art of Amerindians. The one-month celebration every September has increasingly attracted local and international interest and attention as more in more Guyanese are increasingly becoming aware of the contributions of Amerindians in the Arts and Development.  A Village host is chosen every year.  All villages celebrate the month through various activities in which The Ministry is always represented.

The month-long celebrations include the following activities:

  • – Interfaith Service
  • – Launch Ceremony
  • – Food and Craft Exhibition
  • – Cultural Extravaganza
  • – Reflection and Exhibition on the life and Works of  Stephen Campbell
  • – Village Heritage Day Celebration-Micobie
  • – Amerindian Walk
  • – Sports and Family day
  • – Amerindian Dinner and Appreciation

Language Preservation

One of the mandates of MOAA is to help preserve the nine languages of the first nations of Guyana by creating programmes and initiatives through dictionary production, written literature and music development. Thus, in 2013, the Arawak Revival Programme was initiated in Capoey Village, Region 2.   Five other similar programmes are being conceptualised and will be implemented in 2015.

Other Cultural Initiatives/Plans

  • – Reconstruction of UMANA YANA by Waiwai
  • – Support to Cultural Expo (North Pakaraimas)-$5M
  • – Support to cultural groups of Aishalton ($1.4M) and Santa Rosa ($7M)
  • – Study on the history of 3 villages (Paramakatoi, Caria-caria, Rupertee) conducted within the year;
  • – 1 resource centre at MOAA established and fully equipped.
  • – 3  cultural expositions held every year