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Minister Garrido-Lowe praises Essequibians for being self-sufficient at Independence Flag Raising Ceremony..

Reflecting on the Guyana’s 51 years as an independent nation Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, implored Essequibians to continue being the model region in every sphere.

Minister Garrido-Lowe gave this commendation during the 51st Independence Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony held at Damon Square in Anna Regina on the Essequibo Coast, Region 2 Friday morning.

The Minister said despite the difficult circumstance that led to independence “we are beginning to mature and settle into nationhood. Ours has been a history rich in diversity, challenges, success and growth”.

She however noted that “in the first half of our independent nation, if we are to be honest with ourselves, we have under-achieved and we look to the next fifty years for exceptional growth, development and prosperity”.

Region two is also one of the most productive agricultural regions and the Minister pointed out that “from your rice to your coconuts, to cash crops to your fish, you play an integral role in feeding Guyana”.

She added that “this Government sees a central role for Region 2 and the Essequibo Coast not only in producing agricultural produce, but also in broadening your involvement in value added products. This is an area that you have already begun to lead with coconut oil, cereal and a number of other products. It has been your ingenuity and industriousness which has driven this process, sometimes, against great odds”.

This, according to the Minister, “is testimony to the Guyanese spirit which must be at the center of our development thrust”.

Essequibians, the Minister noted is also exceptional environmentalists noting that “visitors to this Region are always impressed with and marvel at how clean and neat you have your yards, roadside and environs. You are leaders in this regard. The rest of Guyana can use your Region as a model. I offer you my highest commendations for this”.

“We have talents, skills, intellect and other admirable human attributes which once we work together will pole vault Guyana forward into a modern, model nation state”, the Minister said.

Meanwhile, in echoing similar sentiments Regional Chairman, Devanand Hardatt, in addressing his fellow Essequibians said since gaining independence  all Guyanese’s must endeavour to ensure that “there is no place for those who seek to sow division of our people”.

He also highlighted the many talents that have originated from this Region including sport personalities, academics, leadership at the top of Indigenous bodies among others.

International cricketer, Royston Beaton, Utam Kumar, the winner of the 5k in a wheel chair, Queenstown born Rasheed who excelled at the CSEC exams and Joel Fredericks who was elected Chairman of the National Toshao’s Council are all Essequibians.

Residents were also reminded that the foundation for the good life for all Guyanese is belatedly beginning to take shape and we look to the future with optimism and hope.

Attending the ceremony were Member of Parliament, Mr. Hemraj Rajkumar, former Member of Parliament, Mr. Ishahack Basir and a number of Regional Officials, Toshaos’, ranks of the Guyana Police and Defence Forces, Hinterland Scholarship Students and residents.

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