• A promise delivered – Kabakaburi residents receive major transportation boost

    Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock on Wednesday delivered on a promise made to residents of Kabakaburi Village, Upper Pomeroon River, Region 2. Less than twenty four hours after visiting the village, Toshao Sherman Lyte received an outboard engine which was handed over by Personal Assistant

  • Successful Debate in Patamona wraps up activities for International Year of Indigenous Languages.

    Preserving all nine indigenous languages across Guyana was undoubtedly the winner of a debate in the Patamona language recently hosted in Paramakatoi, Potaro-Siparuni, Region 8 to bring the curtain down on activities in observance of 2019 which was designated as International Year of Indigenous Languages.      The debate was historical

  • “I never giving up” says differently abled HEYS Entrepreneur

    Rocliffe Rodrigues a thirty four year old entrepreneur in the Hinterland Employment Youth Service HEYS Program, a husband, a father of three (a six, three and a one year old) and an amputee says he’s proud of all his accomplishments since participating in the youth program in 2019. Rodrigues and

  • Nadeza Rodrigues runs thriving HEYS Business despite disability

    Nadeza Rodrigues an entrepreneur in the Hinterland Employment Youth Service HEYS movement continues to run a thriving business establishment that meet the needs of residents of Karawab Village, located more than sixty miles up the Pomeroon River, Region 2. Rodrigues who is differently abled is the proud owner of a

  • Guyana’s first Storytelling Festival in Indigenous Languages

    By: Petamber Persaud Was the moon an eyewitness, a sentinel or a participant? On Saturday night, November 16, 2019, the moon stood majestically above a hillock in Santa Rosa, Moruca, spreading soft gold on an appreciative audience that had formed a huge semicircle witnessing the first Storytelling Festival in Indigenous

  • “We intend to make money out of farming” – Minister Garrido-Lowe to Kwebanna residents

    Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe has assured residents, particularly farmers in Kwebanna Village, Moruca sub-district, Barima/Waini, Region 1, that the Government which is led by President David Granger will continue to invest heavily in Agriculture production. Kwebanna which is known for its Agriculture exploits, will

  • $360 thousand disbursement for Santa Cruz Fruit Farmers – another promise delivered

    Twelve farmers from Santa Cruz who will be supplying the soon to be established Fruit Factory there received thirty thousand each to commence land clearing, preparation and planting. This is in preparation to making the village which is located in Moruca sub-district, Barima/Waini, Region 1 become one of the most

  • “I will continue to stand strong”, says industrious HEYS Entrepreneur

    Adela Robertson a young and industrious resident of Aishalton, Deep South Rupununi, Region 9 continues to defy the odds. Adela operates a thriving snackette including lunch specials (she bakes her own pastries) and also sells a variety of agriculture produce in her village, which was established through the Ministry of

  • “Need village council to put themselves together”- Minister Allicock urges Muritaro Village Council

    Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock on Thursday led a team including a legal counsel from the Ministry and engaged councillors and residents of Muritaro Village, Upper Demerara/Berbice, Region 10 in an effort to address the many challenges facing the village and finding solutions on the

  • Single father and barber determined to make a difference in Aishalton, Region 9

    Twenty three year old Ananias Stephen a single father from the village of Aishalton, Deep South Rupununi, Region 9 says he is determined to work hard in an effort to change the trajectory of his life to one of great success. Ananias who is a participant of the Ministry of